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3) Map it, and other comments

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For the map, click on the "More Photos" link to the right, and there should be a "Show on map" link. That will show where we are (or plan to be) and where the pictures were taken.

Also.. just a comment on this site:

I feel a little like an ant next to an elephant when I browse some of the other travel blogs on these sites. Wow. I need to get out more! This seems like a big trip for us, but travelling through the islands and back rivers of Sumatra, or Indonesia makes this blogs just seem... well... not so adventurous. But we're working our way up the "adventure ladder."

Well... maybe so, for two Florida natives going to the Great White North to cold temperatures we can't even imagine... (Was that a "Shadow" rant, or what?) :P

Anyways, thanks for reading, more later.

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2) Day before the trip

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We are finalizing our trip now. It looks like we won't be seeing as many things as I would have thought. Since we are flying out on Wednesday, and will be on the road for only a few hours that day, that doesn't leave much time for seeing stuff on our way. :(

LeeAnn suggested that we try to make it down to Graceland, then to St. Augustine, then home. That way, we can make it safely home (first things first!), then we can make a longer trip some other time. OK, reason prevails!

So, now the "trip" has turned into a "Hope we make it back safely" adventure... ;)

Anyways, we have shopped for gloves, thermals, BOOTS, socks, warming pads (the ones hunters use to put in their gloves, shoes, etc.), and some warm blankets as well. Anything else we need, we'll just get when we are up there (emergency kit, jumper cables, ice scraper, rain-x, DUCT TAPE, etc).

The mechanic shop has been REAL busy, so they haven't finished working on the engine yet (~~) but they assured me that all will be fixed before the trip. They were worried that the trip to Florida might be a bit much (as I have been told by many friends...) BUt I have faith in German engineering! (and AAA, and a VW bus Rescue list that I have in case...)

More to come later...

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1) The search began...

we are in the planning stages...

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My lovely lady (LeeAnn, now fiancee) and I have had a plan for a road trip/ travel plan for a few years now, and this is our story...

We have wanted to find a VW camper bus somewhere in the continental US, buy it, and drive it back to Florida. we have had a difficult time finding one that the seller has told us "Yes, it will make it back to Florida" without major repairs. But finally, we have found one, and it is a beauty!


Yes, painted like the Mystery Machine like from the Scooby Doo cartoons, it is a 1973 bus with a camper package. We haven't seen much of the interior, but we don't expect too much right now, for the low price of $1500!

The place, though is in wisconsin. And being in the snowy north, it was a strong pull from the van to get us to decide to fly up and buy it. as of today, it has been snowing in Wisconsin pretty steadily, and we have been packing and buying cold weather clothes for the trip home.

As of today, (the day after Chistmas), we have bought our plane tickets, and we are planning a little of our trip, but we are mostly worried about the weather along the way. The snowing is there, and we don't want to get caught in it.

we plan to take a few sights in on Route 66, and maybe see the St. Louis Arch, and possibly Graceland, (Uh-huh), and then drive where ever the winds take us, which should be home (Indialantic, FL) We have to be back at work, you know!

More info as we go on our journey!

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