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9) Day 4, last state before our home state...

Tennesee hills, JD distillery, Alabama storms

rain 49 °F
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I just gotta say, it brightens my day to see so many people driving by with smiles on their faces, or people at gas stations who are just amazed about this van. Thanks again to all the good will; we hope we have started some good feelings for others to carry on, and maybe take some time to smell the roses...

Speaking of smelling things, I think we have started to go nutty on this trip, due to the smell in the van. Not musty, or bodily odors, but exaust, or burning oil! It looks like the back was in some kind of wreck some time ago, and the back door doesn't fully seal, possibly letting in noxious fumes. At times during the trip, we start gigling at the stupidest things, and can't stop. LeeAnn pointed this out sometime ago, and I blew it off as this being her giggly self. Maybe a little more attention paid to the significant other might help :~

Anyways, to the trip ( and what a "trip" it has been so far!)

We left again around 10 am... hufff... but I understand it is about the journey, and not the destination, and we knew it would take a while. So we had a good breakfast before leaving: Peanut butter and banana!IMGP0209.jpg

We decided again NOT to go through Atlanta, since we would have to go through Chatanooga, and Lookout Mountain, as well! Did I mention that the Mystery Machine is old, and needs special care? We learned in the small Tennesee hills that she doesn't like any type of incline. So we went south on I-24 (through Nashville) to I-65, through Huntsville, and Birmingham. A little fog found us...IMGP0222.jpg

I remembered that in Atlanta, you have to follow I-75 through 6-7 lanes of traffic at 90 MPH, and cross multiple left and right exits using NASCAR-like driving skills. Did I mention there are HUGE blind spots on both sides? And that there is NOT a lot of pick-up in this small engine? And the max speed is around 55 MPH? (on a flat surface!)

People in the ATL should be thanking us right now we didn't hold up traffic and cause multiple crashes in that city... (That doesn't even count driving in the rain there...) Sorry again to James (bro) we couldn't get there, let alone LEAVE. See ya'll some other time...

Anyways, our trip took us on a detour through Lynchburg, Tenn! (see next blog...#10) here's some pics of the area...IMGP0213.jpg
IMGP0211.jpg And the signs:
It's a historical monument?! YES! IMGP0227.jpg

Some hippie dude at a stop... flashed a peace sign as he drove by...IMGP0273.jpg

And the shop with birdhouses... The lady inside offered LeeAnn some "fresh" chitluns (sp?)... She politely declined...IMGP0272.jpg

Then we headed south through Huntsville, where we saw a huge Saturn V rocket, but didn't get to see the rest of them in this town. IMGP0276.jpg

Then LeeAnn got her pic taken...IMGP0274.jpg

We hit Birmingham around dark, and also hit heavy winds, and rain. (I was thanked for using Rain X on the windshield, and fog deterrent on the inside. Not an easy ride, but we made it, with only slight water leakage inside.

Now, just outside Montgomery, we are resting tonight, and be off to Gainesville, tomorrow.

One of these days I'll rant on...err.. SHARE how well the bus drives, and all her quirks, smells, etc.

And I never thought I would think that 54 degrees would be a nice WARM change in the weather! we will DEFINITELY appreciate the nice Florida sun, and how nice we DO have it.

Later, P & L

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