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8) New day (3rd), new states, and superheroes

Updated the map; flat land, amish, Superman sighting...

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Welcome back! Day three started like the other, we stayed in the Super 8 again, and woke to a cold, but snow-free morning. I went out to start the bus, but with MM being stubborn, she was not in the mood to start. I went around to the truck stop to ask for assistance, but this area was not quite as helpfull as other places we had been. I tried one more spot accross the street, a mechanic shop, and asked the nice lady if anyone could help me. One of the mechanics said he would help me after he finished. I said thanks, and went back over to the bus. I figured I could try to start her up again, and she finally started! (battery good, starter worn...)

So I said "thanks anyways" to the mechanic shop, and we loaded up, and started out after a good breakfast (and a few snickerdoodles to go!) I-57 SOUTH!

We had to make a few changes to the road plan, since we wanted to be back before Monday, so we are going to MISS the rest of Route 66, AND miss Memphis (and Graceland... *SOB, SNIFF*) BUT, we will make great time going the Slow, Steady, and South route through Nashville, then south to Montgomery, then to FLA!

Sorry, to my brother and lady -friend (James and Amy) in the ATL. That would slow us down to go that route. We'll have to get to you another time. I thought our time would be faster... :(

We ran into some flat land ALL down I-57... must've just harvested all the corn fields... And the snow melts away...
And more...IMGP0178.jpg more...IMGP0176.jpg more...IMGP0175.jpg

And we started to see the SUN! This is the first time ALL trip that we stopped seeing our breath!

Then we saw the Amish LAND building, amishland.jpg

went inside and bought some KILLER amish cheeses: baby swiss with Rye seeds, garlic horseradish, jalapeno-jack, and some bacon/sausage/ meat infused cheeses... AWESOME creamy goodness!IMGP0184.jpg

and an Amish buggy rolling-on-by... (he had a BOOMING system, dude!) IMGP0181.jpg

We saw so many silos and hay bales, we stopped bothering counting...
IMGP0190.jpg more...IMGP0191.jpg and more...IMGP0192.jpg

Then we came to Salem, IL for a food/gas stop, and ate at Biggies General store. We met Mary who may help us with the bus at a later date, and we had some onlookers (we just wanted to take THEIR picture once... HA! IMGP0200.jpg IMGP0199.jpg

Then... TRAGEDY struck! The MM would not start! But this time, she wouldn't even turn over! Only battery power, no click, no NUTTIN'! Well, it just so happens, the people inside the restaurant are so nice, and Ed Tilman (and friends) started her up by arcing the starter with a screwdriver! He showed me how to do it, in case we got in the same jam later down the road. Thanks ED! And they make the BEST sweetcorn nuggets EVER! IMGP0201.jpg

We figured on stopping in Paducah, Ky, to get gas, and rest, but we never made it... Where is Paducah Ky, you ask? well, I'll tell you...IMGP0208.jpg

Instead of Paducah, we went to Superman's home town of Metropolis, IL! We had to take pictures by the Giant statue of him with the MM in the forground. (Sorry 'bout the flash, but he's back there!) IMGP0207.jpg

Now we are in another Super 8 (SWEET! one) in the city of...... Wait for it..... Clarksville! (TN)... (Superman's alter self..?) Of course, you put those two together...

So, now we have more S's: Starter, Superman, and Super 8 (motels... LeeAnn insists we stay in one!), and Spa (tub).
Hot showers and baths are WAY needed in these cold climates!

We are on the road again in the morning, past Nashville, hopefully!

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C'mon, who would make a better Scoob than a 120 lb chocolate lab?

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