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Last thoughts before close-out

How to Drive a bus,

overcast 76 °F

So a few mysteries were solved on this trip:

1) Will she (the Mystery Machine) make it back to Florida?

Answer: Yes, and with many stories!

2) Will both of the occupants make it back to Florida without killing each other?

Answer:... Barely, but YES!

3) what is the meaning of the "Old No. 7" in the Jack Daniels Distillery?

Answer: It is the final vat in the distilling process where the "Tennessee whiskey" turns into "Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey"!

4) How did Pete get a free "Shot of Jack Daniels on the rocks" in a dry county?

Answer: Look again at the photo beneath my statement in the "Lynchburg de-tour" blog. The picture (or "shot") of is the Jack Daniels statue... and what is he standing on? Rocks! Get it (I can't believe I had to explain this to Danny...)

Any other questions?

Now on to driving the bus...

First off, it is 35 years old. Nuff said...

When you sit in the driver's seat, the steering wheel is like driving a small kitchen table, and the stick doesn't always go into the right gear... did I mention that it has no heat? And no radio> Thank G*D we bought the iHome iPod radio thing! What a lifesaver! I found out that the Emergency brake should never be used... It sticks, and makes a heck of a "burning brake" smell when you drive at 55, and it doesn't release... Oops... I did break the interior door handle, and had to open the window to let myself out... We did drive over 1400 miles with NO license plate, and only got stopped three times... As you drive, it feels so weird, because you sit up high, and on TOP of the front wheels! Very strange, but I remembered how to do this from owning one long ago... The gas gauge didn't work well, and we had to guess how far we could go before filling up... this helped us get into warm buildings when it was cold out! Hence, no pictures of snow angels! My digital camera batteries are no good now, and will now charge at all after being in the cold (Lithium Ion rechargeable)... I can't blame them... But I calculated that she gets about 17 MPG...

It was overcast today, but we will take a few pictures and post them later of MM in Florida near palm trees and maybe a "sand angel" for the record.

And I took her in to work today. For those who don't know me, I am a civilian working on an Air Force base. The looks I got from the gate guards was priceless!

We also got a few offers to buy her... my standard answer to "How much?" is "One dollar more," to which they say "One dollar?" I say , "Yeah, one dollar more than you've got!" (Do I have to explain this one, Danny?) :)

Pics later... P&L

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12) The FINAL LEG!

Off the beaten path, Univ. of FLA, Ocala forest, Troy, home!

73 °F
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We had a great visit with our friend Danny, Danny at the bus: S6001499.jpg

but we had to give him a little ride before we made our final leg home.

Lake Alice:

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, University of Florida!

We said our good-bye's and we were off again! Flip flops! Yeah!

We took SR 441 toward Micanopy (pronounced: MIC-an-oh-pee), took a few pics of nice hanging moss oak trees (with Scooby, of course):S6001512.jpg

Then, along the road, we saw this HUGE place with tables of STUFF everywhere! We thought they might have a hub cap for us, so we stopped.
Wow... I can still hear the banjos playing...(cue music from Deliverance...) we didn't find a VW hub cap, but we got a lug wrench, a blue bottle, and an 8-ball (possibly our new shifter knob...) all for the price of $3!
Here's a pic of me in the bus before we left the place. Just imagine all that stuff outside the window multiplied by about 10 times, and that might come close to how much JUNK was at this place...
LOVE the hair!

We saw lots of horses...

"HEY!" ... "What?" ... "No, look... HAY!" S6001521.jpg

The first Wisconsin plate we saw in Florida: S6001525.jpg

Through the Ocala National forest... S6001526.jpg

This was weird, but we tried... I could never draw it good enough :)
(It says "Draw Bridge Ahead"... get it...?)

We stopped for lunch at a place right on the St. john's river, had some gator bites and sandwiches. LeeAnn helped bandage the cook's finger (the cook stabbed herself on accident" "I thought it was a potato.") she'll be alright... We parked next to a typical FLA pick-up (Camo-ed out...can you see it?)

On the way out:

On the road again:

This bug reminded me of an old Joan Jett song: (It's says "I [heart] Wok 'n Roll"...!)

Only 66 miles to go!

Only 12 miles!!!

We stopped at her brother's house, Troy (not the city this time) and his daughter, Shaina was ALL kinds of excited! You couldn't get that smile off her face if you tried!

Only 16, but ready to take her for a spin!

Maybe after you learn to drive stick, kid... and horses don't count! :)

Uh-oh! Trouble strikes again! This time, the "young-un" will help me start her up:
S6001552.jpg See previous blog for caveat on this procedure.

She did a great job, and we had to head home. We got home, and barely unpacked. I'll have one more entry tomorrow about a few things I forgot, but that was our trip!

Thanks for following us! We had a blast, and met some great people along the way. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did (Yeah, I doubt it...) now you can go out and find your own adventures! We'll be looking for mysteries to solve along the way...

P & L

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11) Leaving the (sad) State of Alabama, back to home state!

Stops along the way, More cops stops!

sunny 62 °F
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...And the layers begin to shed... it's in the 50's today... whew, what a relief! Only 1 pair of socks, no thermal underwear, no jackets, just a long sleeve shirt, and Leeann already has on her flip-flops! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter...

Good morning! And welcome to Alabama! The state is a little somber as we drove through, I guess because of the Tide's loss to Utah this week... (OUCH!) Good luck next year, Saban...

We hit a little fog on the way out of the city... and soon after Montgomery, we got stopped by a Alabama State Trooper who was very nice, saw our papaerwork, and let us go. (Did I mention that we have NO TAG on the bus?) We DO have insurance, though, which they have been asking for. He was Very nice, and soon the sun came out... Yeah!

We were travelling down SR 231 south heading for Troy (the city, not the brother), AL. On the road again...S6001480.jpg

We stopped at a little nut shop (because we are both a little nutty!) and got a few little bags of nuts, and jars of jelly.

We passed through Troy Alabama, ans took a pic of the water tower as we passed by...

This photo was taken as we were stopped once AGAIN! This time by Troy city policeman. He was also very nice, and, after checking my licence and papers, asked how many times we've been pulled over. I told him "Only three times, but two in Alabama." He said, "well, it is hard to miss!" Once again: Rock Star status is intact...
I tried to get LeeAnn to take a picture of the officer (for proof), but I thought it mght be taken the wrong way. Oh, well.

We stayed on SR231 until we hit the Florida border, and we were so happy, and high-fiving each other, we forgot to take a pic! We DID see lots of GREEN, though. That was our first comment, that it was nice to see green grass again. We kept on driving down to Marianna, FL, and took a chance on I-10 EAST. It wasn't as bad as we thought, and drove on through Tallahassee, and stopped on the other side, in Lloyd, FL. Took pics of the big BP coffee boy. S6001488.jpg And with the MM: S6001489.jpg

Soon after these were taken, a pick-up truck pulled up next to us and the guy inside spoke to us about having a van of his own long ago (we get LOTS of these stories!) But Rick (the guy's name) was real nice, and we learned that he has boxers (the dogs, not the pugilists... kids: look it up) and he looked like Caesar Milano (the dog whisperer), but with dark hair. Very nice dude...

Then we were off and driving again. The sun started to set, and this is what we saw in the rearview:
You have to admit... there's NOTHING like a sunset in Florida! Even the bad ones are good! we felt invigorated and energized by all the input we were getting: Sun, color, warmth. All was good... so far.

We stopped for a meal outside Lake City, at a Krystals (you know you are in the South when there's a Krystal's!) And a slight tragedy struck... the solenoid had the same problem: key turn, no engine response, and not "click." So, I feel good, and get under the bus to do the start-jump. S6001492.jpgLeeAnn turns the key (shifter in neutral), and the screwdriver I took, wouldn't create any spark! It was coated with some black coating, and had a magnetic tip. One of those things made it not work. So, we headed over to the Wal-Mart (they are EVERYWHERE!) and found a screwdriver with an insulated handle, and no coating, or magnetized tip.

Kids: DO NOT try this at home! But if you do, remember this tip: When connecting any electrical manually (you are taking your life in your hands; LITTERALLY), and place your hand like this: S6001555.jpg

NOT like this:
The fingers should NOT touch any metal parts!

OK, so it started up, and off we went... Heading to Gainesville to stop at our buddy Danny's house and stay the night. He had gotten a head start on the adult bev's and as I parked the bus in his driveway, he was out the door with three beers! YOU DA MAN! he had dinner started, and we had a great meal of hot Buffalo wings and shrimp. S6001495.jpg
And Leeann and I just watched: S6001494.jpg
There was no free signal close-by, so I am doing the blog today...

We got to bed late, and started out the next morning.

P & L

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10) Lynchburg de-tour

Tour of the Jack Daniels distillery

overcast 48 °F
View VW bus trip on PayDro's travel map.

Whoo wee! Lychburg, Tennesee! Population 381, 30 miles off the highway, and what a nice stop.

We got to the tour site, and took some cool pics inside of my new ride:IMGP0237.jpg
Wow! Now that is one HOG I might actually ride... SWEET!

Pic of the old man himself:IMGP0238.jpg

And of the Mystery Maching in the parking lot:IMGP0239.jpg

And the van we took on the tour:IMGP0240.jpg

Then we saw the Rick Yard where they make their own charcoal (Started using the 140 proof mash!) :IMGP0242.jpg
Big a$$ vat #7...

Roger (our tour guide) at the fire brigade

This is the little creek that they get the fresh, limestone-filtered water used in the drink

Proof that the JD distillery is a National Historical monument! Nice...

Leeann at the Grain Mill

(You may notice more pictures of her than me... Naturallly... sheis MUCH better looking! :) )
Still #1
IMGP0252.jpg Fermenter:
And the stuff in it: IMGP0258.jpg OHH, the smell!
Charcoal mellowing which make it "Tennesee Whiskey" 140 proof "White Lightning" is poured over charcoal and "mellowed."
No Flash, due to blow-up hazzard...IMGP0261.jpg

LeeAnn smelling the barrel for the vanilla, oak and other flavors.
Single Barrel bottles ($50 each) stacked up:
You can buy your own single barrel for a mere $12,000, which gives about 240 bottles, and you get the actual barrel, signed by the master taster of each barrel, and you get your name engraved on a small plaque for each barrel bought (some had 50 + barrels bought!)

And finally, the bottling room, which wasn't running at the time, but cool to see...

We bought the commemorative bottle set in the shop before we headed out. They are now allowed to sell "Commemorative" bottles at the site, even though the couty is "dry" (not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages).

And even in a dry county, we managed to get a FREE SHOT of Jack Daniels on the rocks!

As we started up the Mystery Machine, she gave out the LOUDEST back-fire I have ever heard!! many people were exiting the shops when it happened, and it just made our day.

Hope you enjoyed the interlude to our trip!

P & L

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9) Day 4, last state before our home state...

Tennesee hills, JD distillery, Alabama storms

rain 49 °F
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I just gotta say, it brightens my day to see so many people driving by with smiles on their faces, or people at gas stations who are just amazed about this van. Thanks again to all the good will; we hope we have started some good feelings for others to carry on, and maybe take some time to smell the roses...

Speaking of smelling things, I think we have started to go nutty on this trip, due to the smell in the van. Not musty, or bodily odors, but exaust, or burning oil! It looks like the back was in some kind of wreck some time ago, and the back door doesn't fully seal, possibly letting in noxious fumes. At times during the trip, we start gigling at the stupidest things, and can't stop. LeeAnn pointed this out sometime ago, and I blew it off as this being her giggly self. Maybe a little more attention paid to the significant other might help :~

Anyways, to the trip ( and what a "trip" it has been so far!)

We left again around 10 am... hufff... but I understand it is about the journey, and not the destination, and we knew it would take a while. So we had a good breakfast before leaving: Peanut butter and banana!IMGP0209.jpg

We decided again NOT to go through Atlanta, since we would have to go through Chatanooga, and Lookout Mountain, as well! Did I mention that the Mystery Machine is old, and needs special care? We learned in the small Tennesee hills that she doesn't like any type of incline. So we went south on I-24 (through Nashville) to I-65, through Huntsville, and Birmingham. A little fog found us...IMGP0222.jpg

I remembered that in Atlanta, you have to follow I-75 through 6-7 lanes of traffic at 90 MPH, and cross multiple left and right exits using NASCAR-like driving skills. Did I mention there are HUGE blind spots on both sides? And that there is NOT a lot of pick-up in this small engine? And the max speed is around 55 MPH? (on a flat surface!)

People in the ATL should be thanking us right now we didn't hold up traffic and cause multiple crashes in that city... (That doesn't even count driving in the rain there...) Sorry again to James (bro) we couldn't get there, let alone LEAVE. See ya'll some other time...

Anyways, our trip took us on a detour through Lynchburg, Tenn! (see next blog...#10) here's some pics of the area...IMGP0213.jpg
IMGP0211.jpg And the signs:
It's a historical monument?! YES! IMGP0227.jpg

Some hippie dude at a stop... flashed a peace sign as he drove by...IMGP0273.jpg

And the shop with birdhouses... The lady inside offered LeeAnn some "fresh" chitluns (sp?)... She politely declined...IMGP0272.jpg

Then we headed south through Huntsville, where we saw a huge Saturn V rocket, but didn't get to see the rest of them in this town. IMGP0276.jpg

Then LeeAnn got her pic taken...IMGP0274.jpg

We hit Birmingham around dark, and also hit heavy winds, and rain. (I was thanked for using Rain X on the windshield, and fog deterrent on the inside. Not an easy ride, but we made it, with only slight water leakage inside.

Now, just outside Montgomery, we are resting tonight, and be off to Gainesville, tomorrow.

One of these days I'll rant on...err.. SHARE how well the bus drives, and all her quirks, smells, etc.

And I never thought I would think that 54 degrees would be a nice WARM change in the weather! we will DEFINITELY appreciate the nice Florida sun, and how nice we DO have it.

Later, P & L

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8) New day (3rd), new states, and superheroes

Updated the map; flat land, amish, Superman sighting...

semi-overcast 40 °F
View VW bus trip on PayDro's travel map.

Welcome back! Day three started like the other, we stayed in the Super 8 again, and woke to a cold, but snow-free morning. I went out to start the bus, but with MM being stubborn, she was not in the mood to start. I went around to the truck stop to ask for assistance, but this area was not quite as helpfull as other places we had been. I tried one more spot accross the street, a mechanic shop, and asked the nice lady if anyone could help me. One of the mechanics said he would help me after he finished. I said thanks, and went back over to the bus. I figured I could try to start her up again, and she finally started! (battery good, starter worn...)

So I said "thanks anyways" to the mechanic shop, and we loaded up, and started out after a good breakfast (and a few snickerdoodles to go!) I-57 SOUTH!

We had to make a few changes to the road plan, since we wanted to be back before Monday, so we are going to MISS the rest of Route 66, AND miss Memphis (and Graceland... *SOB, SNIFF*) BUT, we will make great time going the Slow, Steady, and South route through Nashville, then south to Montgomery, then to FLA!

Sorry, to my brother and lady -friend (James and Amy) in the ATL. That would slow us down to go that route. We'll have to get to you another time. I thought our time would be faster... :(

We ran into some flat land ALL down I-57... must've just harvested all the corn fields... And the snow melts away...
And more...IMGP0178.jpg more...IMGP0176.jpg more...IMGP0175.jpg

And we started to see the SUN! This is the first time ALL trip that we stopped seeing our breath!

Then we saw the Amish LAND building, amishland.jpg

went inside and bought some KILLER amish cheeses: baby swiss with Rye seeds, garlic horseradish, jalapeno-jack, and some bacon/sausage/ meat infused cheeses... AWESOME creamy goodness!IMGP0184.jpg

and an Amish buggy rolling-on-by... (he had a BOOMING system, dude!) IMGP0181.jpg

We saw so many silos and hay bales, we stopped bothering counting...
IMGP0190.jpg more...IMGP0191.jpg and more...IMGP0192.jpg

Then we came to Salem, IL for a food/gas stop, and ate at Biggies General store. We met Mary who may help us with the bus at a later date, and we had some onlookers (we just wanted to take THEIR picture once... HA! IMGP0200.jpg IMGP0199.jpg

Then... TRAGEDY struck! The MM would not start! But this time, she wouldn't even turn over! Only battery power, no click, no NUTTIN'! Well, it just so happens, the people inside the restaurant are so nice, and Ed Tilman (and friends) started her up by arcing the starter with a screwdriver! He showed me how to do it, in case we got in the same jam later down the road. Thanks ED! And they make the BEST sweetcorn nuggets EVER! IMGP0201.jpg

We figured on stopping in Paducah, Ky, to get gas, and rest, but we never made it... Where is Paducah Ky, you ask? well, I'll tell you...IMGP0208.jpg

Instead of Paducah, we went to Superman's home town of Metropolis, IL! We had to take pictures by the Giant statue of him with the MM in the forground. (Sorry 'bout the flash, but he's back there!) IMGP0207.jpg

Now we are in another Super 8 (SWEET! one) in the city of...... Wait for it..... Clarksville! (TN)... (Superman's alter self..?) Of course, you put those two together...

So, now we have more S's: Starter, Superman, and Super 8 (motels... LeeAnn insists we stay in one!), and Spa (tub).
Hot showers and baths are WAY needed in these cold climates!

We are on the road again in the morning, past Nashville, hopefully!

P & L

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7) Day 2 part 2...

Yes,lots of stuff to tell... deal with it.

21 °F
View VW bus trip on PayDro's travel map.

i don't know... the day started ok, but the bus wouldn't start in the frigid winter sh*t (sorry, parents...)

BUT luckily, I found this nice guy, Darryl, who hooked up a tow line, and helped me start her up! She just needed a little coaxing, and she warmed right up. IMGP0155.jpg

We got Scooby situated on the dash (Thanks to Joline from the River west Motor works!) IMGP0156.jpg

We packed up, took some pictures of us IMGP0158.jpg
And soon we were on our way!

Not too far down the frigid highway (did I mention there's NO HEAT!?)... we found a place to stop and have a photo op: in front of a BULL! SWEET!IMGP0161.jpg

I cannot believe how much we needed those dang warming pads. To those who DON'T know what these are (mostly southereners): these are like ice packs that cool when you break it, but these warm slowly when you expose them to air. But thereare SPECIAL ones for the shoes, that are made for shoes (we found out the hard way)... the HAND ones need AIR to get warm and don't work in SHOES! (Kinda important...) we eventually figured it out... and got our feet warm, but our noses stayed red and cold. (see last entry pics)

Lastly, we pull into a small town just off Route 66! I meet a few helpful people named Tammy and Matt working at the BP. Very nice (I reccommend this place as a good stopping point) IMGP0162.jpg

we went to the Polk-A-Dot drive-in , but they were closed! Famous for Chili Cheese fries. :( but we had time for a photo op... IMGP0164.jpg
Or two... IMGP0170.jpg
Or three... IMGP0169.jpg
Or Elvis, Marilyn, James...IMGP0168.jpg
Or Elvis and me...IMGP0167.jpg

Did I mention it was cold as S**T?

A few more: "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses" ... "Hit it."

"Four fired chickens and a coke?", "Jake!", "And the other wanted some dry white toast", "Elwood!"

I'm outta here tomorrow... *Insert some quote aboutthe journey being the destination*

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6) Day 2 on the road...

Taking the MM through Chi-town & How to feel like a Rock Star...

overcast 18 °F
View VW bus trip on PayDro's travel map.

OK, kids, you too can follow these simple instructions on...

How to Feel Like a ROCK STAR!:

Step 1: Get a VW bus painted like the Mystery Machine.

Step 2: Drive it ANYWHERE!

It's amazing how much I feel like a Rock Star driving this Machine! People come out of the woodwork to get their picture taken with it when we park... drunk ladies (at 11 am at gas stations with piles of change) tell us that was the ORIGINAL from the movie, and we have a gold mine!...

I would like to say "Thanks" to all the people who have been so nice to us along the way so far. They have taken pics, and said kind words to us, especially to the people who drove along side us (one on each side, doing only 55 mph) holding up traffic to take pictures of your vehicle... and only BARELY missing getting into multi-car wrecks... (Sorry to all those who were obviously in a hurry... That is what you get with Rock Star status like ours)

But I must give a warm thanks to the lovely young lady in the silver car who took my pic (somewhere along I-355 outside Chicago), and was kind enough to show two of her best friends to me... this almost caused ME to veer out of my lane to meet them... Very nice, I must say :) :D

Did I tell you it had no heat? S6001419.jpg

Here's a list of things that went on:
1 Missing flower-painted hub cap... lost somewhere along the way (see map, find it, and send to me... ) Thanks in advance for whomever returns it. I'll buy you a drink!

Added the following: carpet for insulation, Febreeze for non-STANK scent, seat covers, and schnappes. (gotta love the name!)IMGP0172.jpg

1 LUCKY deer (or maybe WE were lucky the bus was not FAST) LeeAnn reminded me of the # R's but now we are on the # S's: Slow, steady, and South! (For those Northerners reading this... yes NEITHER of us like cold.. and neither do our phones!) Much like you may be afraid of hurricanes, we are afraid of the white COLD stuff! (WHY can i not feel my TOES!?)

Ok, enough of this one....too much Ice hole...

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5) Happy New Year!

It's still freezing here...

snow 19 °F
View VW bus trip on PayDro's travel map.

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!

So we are preparing to be on the road again... (that song keeps playing in my head!) and we woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of a snow plow plowing the parking lot. (Imagine a loud scraping sound that goes on for about 30-40 minutes) Yeah, quite annoying! IMGP0154.jpg

Anyways, We might be putting pictures up later of the inside of the van/bus. It's just too damn cold to pull out the camera while outside. Plus, she's a bit dirty inside, so it's nothing to look at right now...

I'd like to thank our good friend Sean O'Hare and his web site www.16streets.com for helping get the word out about the Machine!

The snow is on the way, and we're on our way out!

More later!

P & L

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4) Trip Day 1

Flight, ride with stranger, bus, and minus 8 degrees!

semi-overcast -2 °F
View VW bus trip on PayDro's travel map.

Sorry for the one line entries: we are tired!

Flight was good, started with Jack/coke and Bacardi/coke... nice breakfast!... "Nothing like a JD and coke on an empty stomach...calms the nerves like no other" IMGP0140.jpg

they had a raffle for prizes and ca$h... we won $100! SWEET! IMGP0141.jpg

LeeAnn thought to be comfortable, and wore her flip flops... we'll see how that works out for her... She also wondered why all the ponds were "white." Umm, you'll soon find out... IMGP0143.jpg

Disembarking, they had us walk down a ramp, and onto the tarmac, and to the terminal in the minus 2 deg F weather! Leeann was not happy she packed her shoes in the checked luggage! IMGP0144.jpg

In the rent-a-car line, the guy in front of me was asking how to get to Stevens Point. i said I was going there, and we could share a ride. (LeeAnn wasn't too happy, but it was cool) his name is Darin... Thanks Darin! You saved us $95!!! IMGP0145.jpg

He drops us off at the mechanic shop, and we see the Mystery Machine up on the lift with no tires! NOOOOO! But they said they were just finishing up the repairs: (oil change, sync carbs, heater hoses, new/used tires, etc), and we have to wait another hour. (this is about 2 pm) so we go to eat, and get a call around 3:30, that the repairs are almost done. YEAH! Nice view, inside the restaurant... IMGP0148.jpg Nice smile, Baby!

Have you (Floridians) ever seen a Taco Bell like this? --> IMGP0146.jpg

We take her for a test drive, and they want to do a few adjustments. We pay, do paper work, and leave about 6 pm (gas n go baby!) We got some good advice from the older mechanics: "Treat her right, like an older lady; slow and steady, she'll get you to where you're going. Don't abuse her."

So we drive about 2 hours at 55 MPH, and get pulled over by Wisconsin's finest. We have a tail-light DIM. Not OUT, but DIM! We show her all the paperwork, tell her our story, and she gives us a warning. Off we go! We stopped at a Super 8 hotel and here we are! Not out of Wisconsin yet!

Did I mention that it was minus 8 deg F when we got here? WITHOUT the wind! Our feet were freezing, and the heat didn't work, so we are stoppping to warm up.

More to come!

P & L

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